Monday, July 30, 2012

My daily photo, 7/30/12.

Flowers. Posted to my Smugmug site, where you can view it at the best resolution.!i=1996171198&k=cvRw9RZ&lb=1&s=A

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Daily Photo, 7/29/12.

Miami Beach. Posted on my Smugmug page. Post-processed with lightroom 4 & Colr Efex 4. Burning adjustment brush used for foreground in LR 4.!i=1994484771&k=pTHrnrd&lb=1&s=A

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My daily photo, 7/28/12.

Miami cityscape, posted on my Smugmug Site, where you can view it in its original resolution. Post processed with Color Efex 4 and lightroom with burning adjustment brush for foreground.!i=1991754876&k=3KmjZWQ&lb=1&s=A

Friday, July 27, 2012

My Daily photo, 7/27/12.

A beautiful colorful  tropical flower at St. Thomas, Caribbean Islands. Posted on my Smugmug site.!i=1990417015&k=qws8DQX&lb=1&s=A

Iguanas, Iguanas & more Iguanas.

Iguanas are vegetarian herbivorous lizards found in tropical areas of Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Islands. These photos were shot during a visit to St. Thomas in the Caribbean Islands. Its a colorful species and camouflages or blends itself with the surroundings and often difficult to spot. They have a row of spines, called Dewlaps, that run thro out its back. There is a third eye or scale called parietal scale on its head.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Daily Photo, 7/26/12.

A photo painting of an Iguana.Photo was shot at St. Thomas in the Caribbean Island. Painting done with PS CS5 with pixel bender plug-in. This photo is posted at my Smugmug site and can be viewed there at its original resolution for the best effect.!i=1988219847&k=tMGH4gS&lb=1&s=A

Tsunami Tamed.

I must narrate,  this story.
Recently, I had a dream. In it I was jogging on the beach in front of my house in Bbay. I was watching the waves with the churning surf. This was nature’s rhythmic dance.. Back & forth the waves lashed out at the sandy beach. The sudden turbulent burst of the white surf is a dramatic spectacle and always seemed to scare me. The sand on the beach near the water is always hard and wet. When u jog, this is where you want yr feet to land because of the firmness of the ground. Often, I wud transgress and step into the seawater to cool my feet. On this occasion as soon as I stepped into the water, I spied the sudden appearance of a giant wave. It was a monster of all waves, what they call a tsunami. It came out of the blue and surprised me. There was little time to react and I was soon lifted off the shore, riding on top of this wave, astride a wild horse. The wave surged high and carried me forward, towards my house. I could see my building below as I soared high on top of this swirling wave. I was at the center of the swirl as if in the eye of a massive storm. It felt like a tornado on its side with me at its epicenter, leading the charge.  I was staring at the face of death as I entered a tunnel.  I was telling myself that I had to relax and control my breathing, because I needed a real big breath to sustain myself as the impending surf swallowed me. Yes! I had to survive. It was then, I felt a tranquility that I had never experienced before and my breathing slowed down and time came to a standstill. I felt a certain power, that I cud control my body, my respiration and my heart beats. My mind was the clearest it had ever been. I will not panic. I will not scream. I will ride this one out, with my new found powers. I thanked the Lord for all the good the has happened in my life. I was now in complete trance. Mind and body had relaxed to an extreme that I had never ever experienced. I was in a state of levitation, flying in the sky.  I had only heard to this but, never believed it cud happen. And here I was, my mind at peace gliding above the tsunami. It was then I knew, that I was indestructible. I realized that the Gita was right. The soul is indestructible. Nobody can destroy me, as my soul is immortal.

Well, that was the dream. And, I woke up, relieved that I had survived. I feel enlightened with the knowledge, that I am a powerful being, in control of my mind & body. And, with peace, I can achieve anything. Later that evening, I went for a swim at my backyard pool.  I swam with a new found vigor. Yes! I did 30 laps. And, that too without getting tired or feeling anxious. Never, for once did I panic that I cud get drowned or swallow a lot of the water. My breathing has never been better. All that I thought was, if I cud ride on the crest of the tsunami and survive, then I cud achieve anything! 

Chandru Jain, MD
My Daily Photo, 7/25/12.

Seascape at St. Thomas, Caribbean Islands. Posted on my Smugmug page, where you can view the photo in its original resolution.!i=1986421833&k=DcSbV3J&lb=1&s=A

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Photo Shoot, Parakeets

Presenting photographs of Parakeets, which I have post processed today. The shots were taken at St. Thomas in the Caribbean Island in Dec., 2011. Parakeets or Parrots are small to medium sized birds, 7'' to 18 '' in size and have a typical parrot beak and a characteristic long thin tail which is almost half the lenght of the body. A beautiful colorful bird to photograph. I had literally, only 5 minutes to capture the shots because my tour bus was departing back to port, where our cruise ship was docked.

My Daily Photo, 7/24/12.

My daily photo at Smugmug, 7/24/12, Miami coast as seen from cruise ship is posted on my smugmug site. You can see the photo in its best resolution there.!i=1984273060&k=5kJCNfL&lb=1&s=A

Monday, July 23, 2012

My daily picture at Smugmug, 7/23/12. US Coast Guard Boat, a dramatic shot from the deck of a cruise ship. See this photo at my Smugmug page, where you can see it in better resolution,!i=1981978347&k=F6cSdkV&lb=1&s=A

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Miami, Florida, Seascapes.

The impressive seascapes of the Miami coastline , as see from our cruise ship. Post processed the photos, yesterday with lightroom 4, Topaz denoise & Adjust 5 & Nik software's Color Efex 4.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My daily photo at Smugmug, 7/22/12. Sailboat in the sun! View the full resolution of this photo at my Smugmug site at,!i=1979701150&k=zXKXgGX&lb=1&s=XL

Friday, July 20, 2012

Seascapes at Nassau, Bahamas, Caribbean Island.

Post processed a few seascapes of Nassau, Bahamas in the Caribbean Island from my previous visit in Dec. 2011. The photos were lying in my archives, untouched and finally, got some time to go through them. I used Lightroom 4, Topaz denoise 5, Topaz adjust 5 and Color Efex 4 for the pp.

My daily photo at Smugmug, 7/20/12. Paradise on earth, Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas in the Caribbean Islands. See this picture in all its glory at my Smugmug page at,!i=1976997789&k=8DkmZk5&lb=1&s=A

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The many faces of Atlantis, Nassau, Bahamas, Caribbean Islands.

Today, I was focussed on post processing some of old Nikon D5100 snaps. Last year, in december, I had been to the western Caribbean and our last stop was Nassau, Bahamas. We have been to Atlantis before, so we chose to do an excursion to the blue lagoon island, where we swam with the dolphins. On the way, to blue lagoon our boat passed by Atlantis and I had the opportunity to take many shots from different angles. Some example, I am posting here. Again, I have post processed with a combination of Lightroom 4, Topaz denoise 5, Topaz adjust 5 and Nik software's Color Efex 4.