Monday, November 10, 2014

My first Raga- Raag Yaman

Enjoying singing my very first Raag- Raag Yaman which is supposed to be the easiest of the Raagas and one of the first that is taught in Hindustaani vocal training.

Raga Yaman
Arohi:    'N  R  G  M  D  N  S'
Amrohi: S'   N   D   P   M   G   R  S

Quite a lot of different ways in which this Raag is taught. And one does get confused about differences in the notes that are out there on the internet. eg The m is teevra and on the above notation this is a mistake. But as long as you study it and get to know its essence, the whole Raag scene becomes much more clearer.

My guru is this young guy on youTube, Siddharth Slathia and he is a very good teacher.

Film songs of Raga Yaman  or Aiman
  • Akale na jana, Film Arman
  • Ansoo bhari hain, Film Parwarish
  • Lagta nahi hai dil mera ujre dyaar mein, Ghazal by Mohd. Rafi
  • Chandan sa badan chanchal chitwan, Film - Saraswati Chandra

    The intricate details of this Raag are at following link:

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