Friday, April 10, 2015

The Pyramid that I build!

A Short Poem by Chandru Jain, MD

The pyramid that I build
I build in my mind
Four blocks of ‘here’ as the base
Three blocks of ‘now’ on top
Crowned by two blocks of ‘Positivity’
And on the top block is my new ‘Reality’
And buried in the sand below
Are the treasures of the past.

The pyramid that I build
Stands tall in the desert of time
Reaching out to the sky of fame
Unmindful of the winds of change
Perched on the top, I feel free
Free to ride the chariots of clouds
Clouds filled with new opportunities
Clouds that will carry me to places
Where I have never been before.

The pyramid that I build
Is never complete
Each day I labour
One block at a time
Me my own slave
Building a monument for the living
No body will be buried here
Except our murky past
The pyramid that I build
Is not for the sake of posterity
But, to help us forget and move on!

By Chandru Jain, MD

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