Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tsunami Tamed.

I must narrate,  this story.
Recently, I had a dream. In it I was jogging on the beach in front of my house in Bbay. I was watching the waves with the churning surf. This was nature’s rhythmic dance.. Back & forth the waves lashed out at the sandy beach. The sudden turbulent burst of the white surf is a dramatic spectacle and always seemed to scare me. The sand on the beach near the water is always hard and wet. When u jog, this is where you want yr feet to land because of the firmness of the ground. Often, I wud transgress and step into the seawater to cool my feet. On this occasion as soon as I stepped into the water, I spied the sudden appearance of a giant wave. It was a monster of all waves, what they call a tsunami. It came out of the blue and surprised me. There was little time to react and I was soon lifted off the shore, riding on top of this wave, astride a wild horse. The wave surged high and carried me forward, towards my house. I could see my building below as I soared high on top of this swirling wave. I was at the center of the swirl as if in the eye of a massive storm. It felt like a tornado on its side with me at its epicenter, leading the charge.  I was staring at the face of death as I entered a tunnel.  I was telling myself that I had to relax and control my breathing, because I needed a real big breath to sustain myself as the impending surf swallowed me. Yes! I had to survive. It was then, I felt a tranquility that I had never experienced before and my breathing slowed down and time came to a standstill. I felt a certain power, that I cud control my body, my respiration and my heart beats. My mind was the clearest it had ever been. I will not panic. I will not scream. I will ride this one out, with my new found powers. I thanked the Lord for all the good the has happened in my life. I was now in complete trance. Mind and body had relaxed to an extreme that I had never ever experienced. I was in a state of levitation, flying in the sky.  I had only heard to this but, never believed it cud happen. And here I was, my mind at peace gliding above the tsunami. It was then I knew, that I was indestructible. I realized that the Gita was right. The soul is indestructible. Nobody can destroy me, as my soul is immortal.

Well, that was the dream. And, I woke up, relieved that I had survived. I feel enlightened with the knowledge, that I am a powerful being, in control of my mind & body. And, with peace, I can achieve anything. Later that evening, I went for a swim at my backyard pool.  I swam with a new found vigor. Yes! I did 30 laps. And, that too without getting tired or feeling anxious. Never, for once did I panic that I cud get drowned or swallow a lot of the water. My breathing has never been better. All that I thought was, if I cud ride on the crest of the tsunami and survive, then I cud achieve anything! 

Chandru Jain, MD

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  1. It is amazing, I can never remember my dreams!
    Nice blog!