Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Tiger Temple, Bangkok, Thailand, 8/21/12.

More than 100 tigers are raised at the tiger temple at the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand.
A good 3-4 hrs drive from the city given its traffic issues. Buddhist monks run this temple and interact with the tigers from their infancy. The saffron color of the monks & the yellow of the tigers complements each other and provide a great picture opportunity. This is a tourist attraction and thus subject to the commercialization of this awesome tiger resort. Comes at a price, with $$$ for all photo opportunities with the tigers. Difficult to do justice when in larger groups. I wud set aside a whole day for this with plenty of time for the photo shoots. We did not have enough time for the evening water exercise photo op. with the tigers, where tigers jump about the river waters. Nevertheless, got some nice shots at the wild-life reserve.

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