Monday, October 15, 2012

Angkor Wat, revisited.

Some more, recently processed photos of Angkor Wat, which I had placed in the 'to do' list and finally, got, some time to work on them. I am pleased, with the results. Of late, I have started using Photoshop level & curves, as well as hue & saturation settings for making adjustments. That is after, the photo has undergone refinements in Lightroom 4 and effects additions in Color Effex Pro 4. I think, the photos are looking richer in tones and that pop out appearance is finally, shaping up. But, I realize, that I must get the intuos pressure sensitive brush for precise placements of the brush strokes, which I have been often using in LR4 with the mouse. This will further increase the time spent in post-processing each image. I have not reached the 80-100 layers which the pros add in each image, yet. But, I am getting there and seeing a need for that, with more experience.

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