Monday, November 12, 2012

Voice of India
The CAG is not broke, so why mend it!

What is voice of India? Simply put, it is the echo of a sentiment of thousands of Indians that speak the same language. The language of justice for all and keeping in mind that we are the largest democracy on this planet. At the “ Voice of Inida”, I will periodically try to voice this sentiment and invite others, like minded persons for their commentaries or insights on current affairs or topics that are the priority of the thousands of Indians.

On this inaugral issue of the “ Voice of India”, I will try to lay the basics of what constitutes the manipulation of news in India. The news that comes to the lay person in India is managed by different forces in India which are continuously vying with each other often at loggerheads nudging each other  and competing for the same space. How then must the confused layman decide who he must believe? That is when, Voice of India steps in and reasons for that layman, on what he must believe and what he must discard as mere propaganda.

So, some basic rules we must follow. The mouth pieces for the congress, the BJP and other political organizations must fall on our deaf ears. TV channels are notorious for airing the spokesman for these political parties and they must be heard with utmost distrust. But, news channels also must be commended for propagating the opinions of other non-partisan and concerned individuals who speak their minds and have the nation’s well being in mind. These are the social activists, the bureaucrat crusaders, the whistle-blowers and the RTI activists.

The number one point that I wish to make is that India is a police state, only for the reason that the police force, the CBI and other govt, organizations work for the administration and target the enemies of the ruling party. So, any organization controlled by the govt. cannot be believed.

The second point that I wud stress on is that, India is a failed state. The current ruling party and the opposition parties are compromised and have failed the state. So, who shud we look forward to as a saviour to our great so called democracy. Foremost amongst the saviours is our common sense. We must as Indians, filter out the noise and give credence to our common sense. For example, there is no doubt in my mind that the “CAG” is one of the premiere astute bodies in India which has contributed to the purification of the ills of the Indian state. The current talk of changing the structure of the CAG can only mean that the Govt. wants to control the CAG and muffle its clout. When the CAG is not broke, then why try to mend it? That is the basic question, that we must ask! Our common sense urges us, that we send a strong message to the Govt. to leave the CAG alone!

Each of us must write to our legislators that we insist that the CAG be left alone.! And that is the only message of this first of Voice of India publication! Stay tuned for more of our newsletters!

Chandru Jain, MD

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