Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rural India

Rural India as seen from the road while riding 15 hours from Ahmedabad to Aurangabad at end of Dec. 2012 in a Toyota Innova, a spacious Minivan made hardy for Indian roads. As I could not possibly use a flash, I captured the images with f/2.8, the lowest f-stop for widest aperture and a reasonable shutter time of 1/200 sec for motion freezing. I was not too satisfied with the photos given the constraints of the rough roads and restricted field of view of the car window, but nevertheless, did manage a fairly true depiction of the Indian country side. The images required a lot of post processing and one of the drawbacks was that I had the Jpeg setting switched on and in hindsight would have been better off shooting in RAW, which is far superior to jpeg due to its inherent greater tone resolutions. Here are some of my photos of Rural India.

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