Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Geminid Meteor

In December, 2012 there was the yearly Geminid meteor shower. I had the pleasure of spending 2 consecutive nights trying to photograph this elusive meteor shower. Sometimes, when I saw it, I could not focus on it or time it right as the camera was in the wrong direction. But, my patience paid off and I did get one fine photo, which I am posting here. This photo made it to the front page of the 365 project in which I participate by posting a daily photo. 365 project is a community of dedicated photographers who click photos everyday or post one daily. It is an awesome site and one can learn a lot by observing others for inspiration. One object is to get your pictures on the popular page, provided enough of the community members comment on it and fav. it. My Meteor was one of the popular pictures on 3/19/13 and I was thrilled at that achievement. The picture also was posted in the site which is a little bit more intense with better competing photos from pro level photographers. I did manage quite a few nominations and am awaiting the editor's decision whether they will publish it it their magazine. So, here is the photo.

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