Monday, April 21, 2014

Osprey, 4/21/14

Spent the morning at Island Beach State Park with the Osprey. There is a nest at the park and the Ospreys were recently spotted over there after migrating back this spring. Saw a couple in the nest with a lot of chirping, so I presumed there were also chicks in the nest. The nest is on top of a long pole with a wooden platform on which is nestled the twigs. The first hour of so, I cud not spot it. I went down south to the beach and when I came back, the couple was chirping rather wildly. I drove around trying to find the best angle for a good picture. When the male Osprey took of from the nest, I was ready and shot a continuous burst of 5 shots which was decent enough for bird in flight shots. I stayed for another hour waiting for the male to be back but I guess the male was out fishing. Yes! The Osprey is a bird of prey or Raptor and hunts fishes for its food and hence, usually lives near the shore.

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