Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Supermoon Eclipse, 9/27/15.

Shot the supermoon with the Sigma lens at 500mm and that too, handheld. I wish, I had used the tripod because it was truly, a breath taking sight. The most beautiful moon and that too, in a rich orange red color, what they call a blood moon. The moon is at the perigree or closest point to earth as it orbits elliptically around it. What made it special was that the full moon coincided with a total lunar eclipse, a one in 20 years event. Unfortunately, since I handheld the beast of 500mm lens, I had to use ISO 6400 and a somewhat longer exposure time of 1/30th sec to 1/10th sec. Lot of noise at ISO 6400.
But, to my rescue was Topaz denoise and Topaz detail with Adobe lightroom contributing to some editing.

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